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“Empowering Women to Evolve to Their Full Potential.”


I came to Azia when I was 12 weeks post partum. I had a c-section so my abdominal section is weak. There are exercises I am unable to perform that I was able to do prior to having the c-section. What I love about my trainer Azia is that she always provides modifications for me and reminds me that this is a journey; eventually I will be able to do the things I used to do. I truly believe I have the best trainer to help me reach my goals. Excited for what's to come!

Maya G.

I started with Get Activated Training in February and have lost 25lbs since. I was snatched for my birthday which just passed, and I felt so comfortable and confident in my body. I highly recommend training with them. My trainer is Azia.

Kerri W.

Let me tell ya'll, this is the best decision I made for my fitness Journey. I've lost 20+ lbs since starting my training in January. Azia is so easy to work with and even collaborated with me on my fitness plan to make sure I enjoyed the type of workouts we would be doing. The #1 thing I needed was accountability and Azia never ever let me give up. I recently moved but will be looking at the online programs once available.

Briana W.

I go to all the fitness classes hosted by Azia. The class is so high energy and fun like she is really lit! Leading classes is her true calling.

Shantel W.

I started training in March and actually had the goal of weight gain. Azia weighed me when I started with a smart scale and I was 125lbs. At my last check-in I was 136lbs and my muscle mass and muscle rate have both increased. Excited for continued gains!

Marie Paule K.

Since starting training I have consistently lost 1lb per week. I like training with Azia because she isn't extremely intimidating. She's actually super encouraging. Whenever I say I can't she always follows up telling me I can. That mindset shift goes a long way. She's also always correcting my form. She knows what she's talking about. If you're new to working out don't be nervous Azia will get you right and you'll work up from your current fitness level. So yeah, anyways I really like her.

Janasha F.



We are located at the Private State of the Art Training Facility, Evo Gym.

6505 W Park Blvd Ste #200, Plano, TX 75093

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Saturday, 6am - 1pm
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